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St. Aloysius News

  • Preschool Openings

  • We have openings for full or part time four year old preschoolers.  It’s not too late to give your child a great start to their education!

  • Did you know…

  • We have a 1:1 chromebook program for junior high with each sixth through eighth grader assigned a chromebook that they have access to throughout the school day in all of their classes.

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Welcome to St. Aloysius Elementary and Junior High School

Our students learn in a faith-centered environment that includes rigorous academics, religious studies, weekly liturgical celebrations, and many extracurricular opportunities. We work hard to prepare our students for life beyond our classrooms.

We believe we are:

Not only a school, but a Community of faith; Not only students, but Children of God; Not only educators, but Ministers of the Gospel; Not only character development, but a call to holiness; Not only academic pursuits, but a Search for Truth; Education is not only for personal gain and the development
 of society, but for the Transformation of the World. (from the credo of the Diocese of Toledo)

Here at St. Aloysius we truly have faith in every student!