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Accreditation & Curriculum


St. Aloysius Catholic School is chartered by the state of Ohio and fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association.

The bishops of Ohio’s six dioceses established the accreditation process. Every five years St. Aloysius participates in a self-study investigating its adherance to Catholic values and challenging itself to stretch in pursuit of academic excellence.  Currently the school improvement plan has two goals:

Goal One – Catholic Identity: Students will increase their knowledge of the saints and practice the saintly virtues.
Goal Two – Student Learning: Students will demonstrate the ability to use critical thinking and problem solving skills across the curriculum.


We adhere to the Diocese of Toledo’s own set of instructional standards, entitled Graded Courses of Study, for all subjects at all grade levels.  For the past twenty years, the Graded Courses of Study in all subjects (except Religion) have been based upon the Ohio State Standards. As a diocese, we essentially take the Ohio Standards, make them more rigorous, and infuse them with the Catholic faith. We continue to be “different by dy design.”  Ohio has now integrated the Common Core into the subjects of Math and English/Language Arts. As such, the Diocesan Graded Courses of Study for these subjects reflect the Ohio standards.  However, since we make the standards our own by providing more rigor and the Catholic faith, we effectively “adapt” (vs. “adopt”) the standards. Adaptation is modifying the standards to meet our own needs and faith identity. By adapting the Common Core (via the state standards), we are following the exact same practice that we have for years.  The elementary Graded Courses of Study for Math and English/Language Arts have been adapted from the Ohio State Standards, and therefore the Common Core. The English/Language Arts Graded Course of Study is currently being implemented during the 2013-2014 school year. The revised Graded Course of Study for Mathematics will be fully implemented next school year (2014-2015).  In addition to the core subjects, our students receive instruction in technology, physical education, music and art.

Specialists instruct our students in music, physical education and technology. Our fifth through eighth grade students have the option of band in place of a general music class. St. Aloysius 7th and 8th graders further enhance their learning with the addition of twice weekly Spanish class.

St. Aloysius Junior High teachers recognize the needs of adolescent student by providing a Junior High structure, while operating within St. Aloysius.  Every effort is made in academic, social and spiritual areas to be sensitive to the needs of early adolescents. Modified block scheduling, single teacher subject areas, faculty team planning and even relaxed Friday jeans day contribute to the identity of our junior high. Electives allow students to explore their creativity and identify new talents and interests.  Some examples of electives are: Drama, Healthy Cooking, Sports, Forensic Science, Knitting, Yearbook, and Service. Our unique concept offers the young person a chance to experience many teachers and a diverse schedule in a focused environment. These opportunities prepare each individual student for high school.

Sixth and eighth grade students complete a science fair project judged by members of the community with further competition at the University of Toledo.  Seventh grade students will complete a History Day entry.  District and state competition is encouraged. Sixth grade students will also attend a week-long outdoor education program at Camp Storer in Jackson, Michigan in the spring.

St. Aloysius provides an all day, five day per week Kindergarten experience. As an option five-year olds may be enrolled in the Kindergarten Readiness (KR) program. KR differs from pre-school in that it is developed on an academic curriculum and is not play-based.   Students are allowed to progress through a preparatory Kindergarten program, however at a slower pace, with less pressure, giving them more time to develop academically and socially. Kindergarten and Kindergarten Readiness students partake in all specials at St. Aloysius, including music, technology and physical education.

Diocese of Toledo Common Core Parent Guides:

Grades K-4

Grades 5-8