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Ms. Kris McKenzie, caterer and school mom, provides our hot lunch program with meals prepared in our kitchen daily.

Our primary objective is to provide good lunches that are high in nutritional value and interesting to the kids. We strive to offer fresh, seasonal and locally-sourced foods. As you may know, there are  FDA guidelines for school lunches, which if followed precisely, allow the school to recoup a portion of the costs. After careful discussion, we opted not to be limited by these guidelines in order to create a more interesting menu that will satisfy the kids while still providing balanced nutrition.  We will pay careful attention to food allergy requirements. All lunch staff are ServSafe Certified food service professionals who have completed appropriate background checks and the Diocesan Virtus requirements.

Free and Reduced lunch option will still be offered to those who qualify. We ask all families who fall into the income categories to please return the free/reduced application. All information will be held in confidentiality within the school office. Ordering and payment will be handled by school staff only without children involvement. Those families who qualified last school year will carry over through in August. New forms will be available in August and must be completed by August 30th to prequalify for the 2021-2022 School year.

Parents must order online and then send a payment a month in advance.

Lunchroom Behavior
Cafeteria courtesy is required. This includes self-control while eating, quiet and orderly conduct, and cleanliness of the eating area. All food must be eaten at the cafeteria table.

Students are expected to follow the lunchroom regulations that follow:

  • The lunchroom is monitored each day by at least one teacher and the nurse.
  • Students are expected to show appropriate table manners.
  • Students should pack their own napkins and utensils if they are not buying hot lunches.
  • Loud talking, loud noises, and rowdy behavior are unacceptable.
  • Glass bottles or containers are not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Students are expected to leave their table area clean.
  • Students should throw all garbage away when finished.

21-22 Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Lunch Order Process

How Order Lunch with the Family Login – Daily View