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Instant Alert

Instant Alert Messaging
Instant Alert for Schools is an essential tool for notification and 
communication. Within minutes of an emergency, school officials can use Instant Alert to deliver a single, clear message to the students’ parents or guardians by telephone, cell phone, e-mail in any combination.  Instant Alert can also be used to notify you of a school closing due to inclement weather. 
It’s an equally effective way to keep you informed of everyday activities, such as event times and locations as well as schedule changes. 
Instant Alert is Internet based, allowing each family to maintain a secure, password protected online profile. Parents are provided with instructions for accessing the system as well as creating and updating their profiles.

Set up here

1. Click on “Parent” in the New User box.


2. Complete the student information screen and click Submit.
3. Complete the corresponding screen and click Submit.
4. After receiving the Confirmation message, click “Proceed” to get started with Instant Alert.
5. Remember your User Name and Password to update y0ur profile.

View and Update detail on your profile.
1. Login
2. Click on My Family.
3. Click on parent name to view and edit details.
4. Click on student name to view details about your children enrolled in this school.

Configure alert settings for yourself
1. Click on Alert Setup.
2. Click on the check boxes to select which alert type you would like to have sent to which device. Click Save when compete.
3. If you would like to add another contact device, select the device type and enter the device details.
4. Select the person to whom the device belongs and click Add.
5. For email and text messages, you may send yourself a test message. Click on Send Text Message to send yourself a message.

Adding other contacts
1. Click Other Contacts.
2. Add New Contact and complete the form and click Save.
3. Return to the Alert Setup page to configure this person’s alert setting.


We encourage all of our parents to take advantage of this opportunity, as we will be utilizing this system for most of our school-to-home communication.  If you need assistance with your profile, please go to  https://instantalert.honeywell.com and click on the Help Request link on the lower right hand side of the page, or contact the school at 419.352.8614. Be sure to set your e-mail spam filter to receive e-mail from Honeywell.com. If you do not have access to a computer, please feel free to call the school to arrange to use our facilities.