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Faculty and Staff Favorites

Staff and Teacher Favorite Surveys in alphabetical order.

Click on 20-21 Teacher & Staff Wish Lists to see the lists that have been submitted.

The following have submitted their answers and you will find them in alphabetical order by last name.  If you don’t see your favorite listed, remind them to fill out the form Mrs. Puhl sent them  🙂

  • Mrs. Bridges (Jr. High)
  • Sra. Castilla (Jr. High Spanish)
  • Mrs. Cox (Kindergarten)
  • Mrs. Dever (Counselor)
  • Mrs. Dulle (Grade 5)
  • Mrs. Hinz (Kindergarten Readiness)
  • Mrs. Horn (Grade 4)
  • Miss Keri (Extended Day)
  • Mrs. Paluch (Speech)
  • Mrs. Pasquarette (Title One)
  • Mrs. Pester (Jr. High)
  • Mrs. Puhl (Principal)
  • Mrs. Rath (Office)
  • Mrs. Rich (Grade 2)
  • Mrs. Brandy Rogers (Office)
  • Mrs. Michelle Rogers (Grade 1)
  • Mrs. Sadowski (Intervention Specialist)
  • Miss Shelby (Preschool)
  • Mrs. Simler (Grade 2)
  • Mrs. Webb (Jr. High)
  • Mrs. Westmark (Tutor)
  • Mrs. Wilt (Music)