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Faculty and Staff Emails

Principal Mrs. Andrea Puhl Email
Admin. Asst Mrs. Shelly Leestma Email
Receptionist Mrs. Stephanie Rath Email
Preschool Miss Alexa Szabo Email
Kindergarten Readiness Mrs. Jamie Hinz Email
Kindergarten Mrs. Suzie Cox Email
Kindergarten Mrs. Kay Ware Email
Grade 1 Mrs. Michelle Rogers Email
Grade 2 Mrs. Rachel Simler Email
Grade 2 Mrs. June Rich Email
Grade 3 Mrs. Tracey Gerkens Email
Grade 4 Mrs. Nancy Horn Email
Grade 5 Mrs. H. Radwanski Email
6-8 L.A.,8 Religion,7 SS(HR6) Ms. Denise Brennan Email
6-8 Math,6-7 Religion(HR7) Mrs. Michelle Sikula Email
6-8 Sci.,6&8 SS,Art(HR8) Mrs. Erin Webb Email
Gr. KR-8 Technology Mrs. Erica Gurney Email
Physical Education (KR-8) Mr.  Rob Schenk Email
General Music (KR-8) Mrs. Donella Wilt Email
Library Mrs. Cindy Huffman Email
Band (5-8) Mr. Sean Spacher Email
Spanish (7-8) Mrs. Jila Castillo Email
ASP Clerk Mrs. Pam Bowen Email
ASP/LD Tutor Mrs. A. Thornton Email
ASP Speech Mrs. Amy Paluch Email
ASP/Tutor & Enrichment Mrs. Tina Sadowski Email
ASP/Title I Reading Mrs. Anne Blanchard Email
ASP Nurse Mrs. Mary Lou Szabo Email
ASP Guidance Ms. Grace Stobaugh Email
Extended Day Mrs.Jeanmarie Plowman Email
Tuition Questions Mrs. Denise Foos Email
Parish Secretaries Beth, Julie & Janet Email
Email Junior High Team (gr.6/7/8) Email the team
Most e-mails are teacher’s last name @ stalschoolbg.org