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Weather Conditions

If weather conditions are such as to cause delay or cancellation of the Bowling Green City Schools, this includes St. Aloysius and procedures will be as follows:

The Bowling Green City Schools Superintendent will make a decision as early as possible and he/she will notify all local radio and television stations. The same condition may also necessitate early dismissal. Listen to TV 13, 11, or 24; or Radio FM 93.5, 0r 99.9, AM 1430,.1560, or 1370.

A Parent Alert Message will be sent to all families once we are notified by Bowling Green City School Administration.

Classroom schedules will be adjusted to accommodate any two-hour delays. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, or a situation pertaining only to St. Aloysius School, then the name of the school will be specifically mentioned in the announcements.

Early Closing:
In the case of bad weather and early closing, the above radio and TV stations will broadcast the announcement. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL!